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  • Why Your Web Application Can’t Connect to SQL Server

    One of the trickiest problems I encountered when I was just starting ASP.NET web development was debugging issues with my web application connecting to SQL server, especially when connecting to a local instance of SQL Server. Often the error messages related to these issues were not quite clear or ended up sending me on a […]

  • Open Source at UCSB

    Recently, I’ve been digging a little deeper into the topic of open-source in higher education. To start, I’m trying to gather together examples of what schools are currently doing with open-source. And, hey, what better place to start than your own alma mater and place of employment? The University of California, Santa Barbara. I compiled […]

  • Do We Still Need Image Replacement?

    Let’s have a history lesson. An Old Problem A long time ago (~10 years ago), web people ran into this problem a lot. Let’s say you had a piece of text on a page, like your website’s title: <h1>My Website</h1> But you didn’t want just styled text for your website’s title, you wanted to use […]

  • My Second JS13K

    This last month, I competed in my second JS13K competition. Last year I stumbled a bit while learning hard lessons about the degree of serious planning and design required in building a game. This year, those hard-won lessons paid off. My entry was ParaTec Systems, a puzzle game wherein the user draws a line between […]

  • Accessibility of Labelless Inputs

    When reading about web accessibility, you tend to hear a couple of axioms repeated over and over, like: Always provide labels for your inputs Truthfully, web accessibility is an ongoing practice that can’t be boiled down to a few tips. However, I’ve always felt this tip in particular was a Golden Accessibility Truth no one […]

  • GitHub Contribution Calendar Considered Whatever You Make Of It

    Update I regret writing this post. Reflecting on this topic since I’ve written it, I’ve realized that there’s a glaring omission here: as a white man, I have the privilege of deciding that the GitHub Contribution Calendar is “whatever I make of it.” Despite not even having a computer science degree, I’ve never had to […]

  • ES6 Everyday: The End

    We made it! (Huge thanks to the ES6 Compatibility Table and the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), which I relied on heavily in putting together this series of posts) Over the past two months, we’ve broken the seemingly overwhelming ECMAScript 6 standard into digestible little pieces: Introduction Default Parameter Values Spread Operator Rest Parameters Destructuring Binary […]

  • ES6 Everyday: Reflect

    Yesterday, we talked about the new Proxy object in ES6, a construct that enables meta-programming in JavaScript. While we’re on that topic, let’s look at a new built-in object within ES6: Reflect. Reflect is a global object with a slew of static methods to use in JavaScript meta-programming. Let’s check out a few. The Reflect.get() […]

  • ES6 Everyday: Proxies

    ES6 introduces a new meta-programming object called the Proxy. First, say you have an anonymous object: var user = { name: “Logan”, role: “Admin” }; Now let’s say we wanted to inject some logic when trying to access; a Proxy lets us do this. First, we create a handler: var handler = { get: […]

  • ES6 Everyday: Modules

    For a lot of longtime JavaScript developers (and especially those from the Node world), this is long overdue: yes, ES6 has modules. When writing a JavaScript-heavy application, things always seem to start simply: function displayCampingSites() { // …logic to display camping sites } And then things get a little more complex: function getCampingSites() { // […]