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  • UCSB HTML5 Workshop

    I recently hosted a hands-on workshop on HTML5 at UCSB, including a beginner session in the morning and a more advanced session in the afternoon. The source code for the examples, the slides (built with reveal.js), and follow-up answers to questions unanswered during the presentation are available in the workshop’s Github repo. Check out the […]

  • HTML5 Canvas Balloon

    Today we’re going to draw a balloon on the HTML5 canvas element. Why not, right? Here’s the final result: The balloon shape is basically a circle stretched out in various places. However, it’s not that straightforward to simply draw a circle and then stretch it with the canvas API. Instead, we need to recreate a […]

  • HTML5 Circle Puzzle

    I was messing around with the HTML5 canvas element this morning, and I came up with something kind of fun. It’s basically a puzzle built with a series of rotating concentric circles that you can drag. Here’s a screenshot: Check it out. Keep in mind that I didn’t add any logic to confirm that you’ve […]