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  • The Stories Our Systems Tell

    This is a post based on a talk I gave at HighEdWeb 2016. View the slides. I work in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at the University of California, Santa Barbara as a developer. Over the past few years, I started to notice something: When I worked on side projects at home, I […]

  • There is No Open-Source Higher Education Ecosystem

    This is a post based on a talk I gave at HighEdWeb West 2016. View the slides. Let’s create a web application. Specifically, let’s create a web application that generates a checklist of nearby coffee shops and displays them on a map. So, what are our options? Well, we could buy it: purchase a product […]

  • Open Source at UCSB

    Recently, I’ve been digging a little deeper into the topic of open-source in higher education. To start, I’m trying to gather together examples of what schools are currently doing with open-source. And, hey, what better place to start than your own alma mater and place of employment? The University of California, Santa Barbara. I compiled […]

  • UCCSC Talks

    This year’s UCCSC at UC Irvine was a lot of fun: it’s always nice (and reassuring) to hear about the experiences and challenges of those building student systems at the other UCs. At this conference, I gave two talks: My first talk was a case study of a central aid estimator service, which led into […]

  • Community Financial Aid Shopping Sheet Template

    Update: This project has been discontinued. However, don’t worry! The University of California, Santa Barbara has released a similar template. Recently I’ve been working on an open-source template for the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet. Background Let me give you a little background: On July 24, 2012, the Obama administration introduced the Shopping Sheet, a tool […]