MMWCon 2013

I really enjoyed last year’s Mobility and the Modern Web Conference conference, held at the sprawling University of California, Los Angeles campus.

The Conference

The main draw of conferences for me is the opportunity to network with my peers and share common experiences. However, I don’t always feel I’m learning new things: conference presentations often require a significant amount of preparation and can’t keep pace with the speed of new developments in our field. I usually learn a couple new tricks here and there, or see a cool new tool or application I’ve never seen before, but the benefits of attending a conference are primarily social.

MMWCon, however, was different: whether it was Jakob Mattsson’s bleeding-edge work in automated CSS testing, Heather Henderson’s talk on responsive e-mail design (brimming with useful tricks and techniques), or Stanford’s Open Framework, there was lot to learn and explore at the conference.

My Talk

I also gave a talk at the conference on responsive tables and images. Check out the the slides. As with most of my talks, I maintain the source code for the slides and a list of notes on the topic in a GitHub repository.

This repository has been especially active because of the constant stream of developments in the field of responsive images. Most notably, the src-n proposal has been making waves since my talk.

2014 Conference

I highly encourage you to attend the MMWCon conference. I’m confident this little conference will build on the momentum from 2013 and present a whole new slew of exciting topics and developments to discover.